You may hoover your carpet on a regular basis, however an average vacuum-cleaner can remove only the top fine dust. Deep in the fibres, dust and coarse bits remain. In a combination with moist, poor airing and sunlight in our homes, carpets become a comfortable breeding environment for dust mites that may cause allergic reactions in sensible people.
The only way to eliminate them from your carpet is to wash it with soft brushes, professional detergents, water and centrifuge. The method is known as hot water extraction in the cleaning industry. Apart from deep cleaning and reducing allergens, it also removes common household stains and odours. It is suitable for synthetic/mixed fibre carpets and leaves them slightly damp. They will usually air-dry on their own in 3-6 hours.
We have efficient carpet cleaning solutions – local carpet cleaners near you with professional machines and detergents that they bring on site with them. Your carpet will look almost as good as new.

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Carpet Cleaning Tips:
− Professional carpet cleaning is recommended to be carried out at least twice a year
− Did you know that professional carper cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet up to 30%?
This saves buying a new one.
− Stain Protection (Scotchgard) is an extra recommended for high traffic areas. A repellentis applied evenly on the carpet surface to protect it from stains by not allowing them to settle on. This way the carpets remain fresh much longer and will be a lot easier to clean the next time.
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− Now up to 50% off of carpet cleaning when booked along with end of tenancy cleaning service.