Oven cleansing is often neglected until grease accumulates to a point when it’s hard, if not impossible to clean it. Using professional oven cleaning service can save you time and effort, and make your cooker look as good as new – from inside and out.

We can help you with cleansing all types of:
✓ Ovens
✓ Hobs
✓ Extractors
✓ Microwaves

Our specialists will clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly, removing all built up grease and burnt food leftovers from them. All necessary equipment and detergents will be brought on site.
The cleaning process involves removal of all detachable parts by a technician to enable access to areas that are hard to reach and thus to cleanse. They are soaked in a cleaning solution while the oven is
scrubbed with degreasers. In the end the appliance is assembled and tested.
Contact us for a fast and efficient oven cleaning service in Epsom.

Oven Cleaning Tips
− Having your oven, hobs, splashback and extractor cleaned regularly ensures they are operating at optimal efficiency
− Oven cleaning is provided free of charge for end of tenancy cleaning GBP 120 GBP+
− You can combine an oven + a hob + an extractor or a hob + an extractor + a splashback cleaning to reduce service costs