People spend up to 90% of their time indoors: at home or at work. Indoor environment can be
more polluted than outside. Often they are not aware of this fact. While the outside environment
can purify itself, the indoors cannot. Living in mouldy and dusty buildings is a potential threat to
physical wellbeing. It can provoke a whole range of associated illnesses such as sore eyes,
allergies and asthma. Kids’ room can often be the most polluted room in the house. The number
of young people suffering from asthma and allergies has been rising in the last few decades.
It’s so important to keep the indoor environment clean. Young adults’ life is busy and stressful,
short on cleaning time. With ageing comes more free time, however the physical ability to do
chores decreases. And then there are also millions of people highly sensitive to household
chemicals, cleansing is a real challenge to their bodies. We understand that and started thinking
about it. We decided to do things differently and founded Cleaners Epsom – a professional
cleaning company.
Cleaners Epsom provides a wide range of cleaning services. Our clients are both domestic
individuals and corporations. We follow the good business practices of friendly and helpful
office staff, trained, diligent and reliable cleaners, professional equipment and detergents. Our
mission is to provide a clean and healthy environment for you, your family and employees. We
strive to achieve that at affordable prices. If you find a better quote, we will try to match it.